GCC2019 has ended
The 2019 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2019) was held in Freiburg, Germany, 1-8 July.  There was one day of training, three days of mixed meeting and training, and then two to four days of CollaborationFest.  The meeting featured joint & parallel sessions; invited, accepted, and lightning talks; poster and demo sessions; birds-of-a-feather meetups; social events; and training sessions every day.

Thanks to everyone who helped make GCC2019 a success!
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Tuesday, July 2

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Poster 01 A: Alternative Splicing Analysis: The Silencing of the Human Colon Oxidase Complex KonzerthausBeáta Scholtz Poster 04 A: Gene Expression Analysis of In vitro Anti-filarial Activity of Natural and Synthetic Sesquiterpene Lactones from the Plant Neurolaena lobata KonzerthausLizzette Perez-Perez Poster 07 A: Knockdown Effects of MAGOHB on Alternative Splicing Via RNA-Seq Analysis KonzerthausGlory Basumata Poster 10 A: Dima: Data-driven recommendation for a high-performing imputation algorithm KonzerthausJanine Egert Poster 13 A: Evaluation of tools and workflows for database construction for environmental metaproteomics KonzerthausVirginie Jouffret Poster 16 A: Predicting Gene Expression from Histone Modifications and Chronological Age by RNA-Seq Data using Galaxy Machine Learning Tools KonzerthausAlireza Khanteymoori Poster 19 A: EpiGeEC allows fast comparison of user datasets with thousands of public epigenomic datasets through Galaxy KonzerthausJonathan Laperle Poster 22 A: Laniakea: A Galaxy-on-demand Provider Platform Through Cloud Technologies KonzerthausMarco Antonio Tangaro Poster 25 A: Building a Galaxy Trusted Server to Ensure Privacy and Ownership in Genomic Research KonzerthausGuokun Zhang Poster 28 A: InteractoMIX integration in Galaxy KonzerthausPatricia Mirela Bota Poster 31 A: Development and implementation of a Galaxy instance geared towards microbiological applications within an applied public health setting Konzerthaus Poster 34 A: A Newly Opened Galaxy Platform at Clermont Auvergne University KonzerthausNadia Goué Poster 37 A: Galaxy Genome Annotation Project: Easier Genome Annotation Using Galaxy and GMOD Tools KonzerthausAnthony Bretaudeau Poster 40 A: Aequatus.js: a plugin to visualise gene trees in Galaxy KonzerthausAnil S. Thanki Poster 43 A: Galaxy and Training: 2019 updates from the Galaxy Training Network KonzerthausBérénice Batut Poster 46 A: Galaxy-E project: 2019 news KonzerthausYvan Le Bras Poster 49 A: Mining hot topics in stem cells by combining text mining and scientometrics KonzerthausZhengyin Hu • Xiaomei Wang Poster 52 A: Poster: Science Data Center BioDATEN in relation to the Galaxy Community KonzerthausBjorn Gruning Session 4: Posters, Demos, and Sponsors Konzerthaus

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