GCC2019 has ended
The 2019 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2019) was held in Freiburg, Germany, 1-8 July.  There was one day of training, three days of mixed meeting and training, and then two to four days of CollaborationFest.  The meeting featured joint & parallel sessions; invited, accepted, and lightning talks; poster and demo sessions; birds-of-a-feather meetups; social events; and training sessions every day.

Thanks to everyone who helped make GCC2019 a success!
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Thursday, July 4

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16: Poster, Demo, and Sponsor Session Konzerthaus Poster 03 C: Galaxy in fields, gardens and greenhouses for better seeds. KonzerthausMichael Faubladier • Camille Segard • Frederic Sapet Poster 06 C: miRGalaxy: Galaxy tool for miRNA Analysis of NGS datasets (sRNA-seq) KonzerthausIlias Glogovitis Poster 09 C: Development and Deployment of a Workflow for the Genomic Analysis of Campylobacter Jejuni KonzerthausJosé Antonio Barbero Aparicio Poster 12 C: Reproducible and accessible analysis of spatially resolved proteomics and metabolomics data KonzerthausMelanie Föll Poster 15 C: A new Galaxy Wrapper for MaxQuant KonzerthausDamian Glätzer Poster 18 C: Applying new model for predicting effects of gene variants in epigenetic regulators within Galaxy environment KonzerthausTamara Drljača Poster 21 C: Improved Reference Data Management in Galaxy: Towards a Plant Data Analysis Platform KonzerthausIgnacio Eguinoa Poster 24: Galaxy In A Large Scale Production Environment KonzerthausSascha Kastens Poster 27 C: Galaxy on Site: Flexibility without Tears KonzerthausArthur Eschenlauer Poster 30 C: Towards a platform for genomics medicine KonzerthausWolfgang Maier Poster 33 C: HiCExplorer 3: A toolbox for Hi-C data analysis KonzerthausJoachim Wolff Poster 36 C: EDAM: the ontology of bioinformatics operations, types of data, topics, and data formats (2019 update) KonzerthausMatúš Kalas Poster 39 C: Deployment of Genome Databases for Algae Using Galaxy Genome Annotation KonzerthausLoraine Guéguen Poster 42 C: Experience of Galaxy training at a biomedical institute KonzerthausMaria Doyle Poster 45 C: Galaxy-Bricks a Tool for Data Literacy and Scientific Approach Education in the Context of Citizen Science KonzerthausSimon Bénateau Poster 48 C: The ChemicalToolBox - Computational Chemistry in Galaxy KonzerthausSimon Bray Poster 51 C: How Usable is Galaxy? A Usability Evaluation of Galaxy KonzerthausNgoc-Huy Truong Poster 54 C: TrackFind: FAIR Search of Genomic Tracks KonzerthausRadmila Kompova

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